Staying In Tune During The Off Season

Posted by Quinton on 01/05/2017

Without doubt, we all love to race. Some of us find ourselves watching YouTube videos while others spend countless hours running simulation races.

While the Grip Junkies crew was at PRI (Performance Racing Industry) this past month, one of the hottest displays was the SimCraft booth. I mean, it’s quite difficult to avoid the sound of a roaring engine and a large line surrounding it.

Here’s a video of the Simcraft APEX3 thanks to Simcraft’s Youtube.

Spending time learning more about the simulator and later doing countless Google searches of simulators and some of the best ones on the market, I quickly learned how much one of these beautiful pieces of engineering will set your bank back. That’s when I started to look into custom built simulators and some of the nicest quality components you can buy so that you can make something like the Simcraft, but maybe with some of the less crucial features.

When I started to look into these other components, I quickly found Fanatec. This isn’t necessarily a plug for their products, but I’ve been looking into them and the versatility of their products here recently. From pieces that allow you to use your own steering wheel (maybe you just REALLY love the one in your racecar) to different inserts that allow you to customize the feel of your brakes, shifter, or your steering wheel, this brand is all about customization and making sure you’re getting the right feedback from your products.

After looking into the Fanatec pieces a bit more, I fell right into searching for reviews and setups that utilize the products on Youtube. That’s when I came across a user by the name of Forrest Gump (unfortunately not the real Forrest Gump) who has an absolutely stunning simulation rig. Check out his rig below as well as a video of him utilizing it to drive a Holden V8 supercar around Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

As I kept digging through YouTube looking at sim builds, I found a channel that has more information than you will ever need when it comes to sim racing. This channel features a video of the Fanatec CSW Universal Hub which I previously mentioned.

And how could you forget the sequential shifter? Oh, that’s right – you can’t. This sequential shifter from Pro-Sim is quite expensive depending on which outfit you go with, but after watching the video by Sim Racing Garage, it’s hard to deny that I need one. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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